Objectives for the Entire Course


● Describe the rationale for focal/partial gland therapy of prostate cancer
● Appropriately identify optimal candidates for focal treatments
● Evaluate the latest evidence on oncological and functional outcomes of focal therapy
● Describe surveillance strategies post focal therapy of prostate cancer
● Prevent, identify and manage the complications of focal therapy
● Describe and perform steps of transperineal fusion biopsy and treatment planning for focal therapy using different modalities.

Transperineal Biopsy Course

Upon completion, participant will be able to:

● List the indications, contraindications, and limitations of transperineal prostate access
● Describe the shortcomings of transrectal biopsy including the risk infectious and bleeding complications, and the rising risk of antibiotic resistance.
● Describe the equipment required and setup for office-based transperineal procedures under local anesthesia
● Describe outcomes of patients undergoing transperineal systematic prostate biopsy including cancer detection rate, complications, and patient experience
● List the available TP fusion biopsy platforms and mechanisms of co-registration
● Describe the outcomes and limitations of transperineal rectal hydrogel spacer placement

At the end of the hands-on portion participants will:

● Demonstrate transperineal peri-prostatic block
● Demonstrate TP access to any location in prostate for biopsy and markers
● Assemble the TP access device and perform biopsy in any location of prostate
● Perform co-registration and targeted sampling using a TP fusion biopsy platform
● Assemble a rectal hydrogel spacer kit
● Demonstrate safe placement of hydrogel spacer from start to finish

Focal Therapy Course

At the end of the hands-on portion participants will:

● Perform treatment planning for focal prostate HIFU ablation
● Perform HIFU probe preparation, placement and beginning a procedure
● Perform prostate focal cryoablation planning using transperineal fusion platform
● Perform cryoprobe placement to ensure adequate index tumor coverage and avoid vital structures
● Perform planning for focal microwave therapy of prostate using MR 3D ultrasound fusion